Heavy Duty Deer and Antelope Quarter Game Bags Large – Single Pack


• Cotton / Polyester Blend

• Double-stitched Bottom

• Stretch Form-fitting

• Tightly Woven

• Made for Deer and Antelope Quarters

• 1 – 10″W x 50″L Quarter Bags

• Vacuum Sealed for Sanitation and Easy Packing

Our new Heavy Duty Deer and Antelope Quarter Game Bags are perfect for those backcountry hunts. The heavy duty bags are made from a tightly woven cotton and polyester blend, have a double-stitched bottom, and are stretch form-fitting. These quarter bags are designed to fit whole deer and antelope quarters. If you debone each quarter, you can fit more into each bag. Each single pack comes with one stretch-fitting quarter bag that is vacuum sealed for sanitation and easy packing. The Heavy Duty Large bags are 10″W x 50″L and are designed for deer and antelope.