Heavy Duty Deer and Antelope Quarter Game Bags Large – 4 Pack


• Cotton / Polyester Blend

• Double-stitched Bottom

• Stretch Form-fitting

• Tightly Woven

• Made for Deer and Antelope Quarters

• 4 – 10″W x 50″L Quarter Bags

• Vacuum Sealed for Sanitation and Easy Packing

Our new Heavy Duty Deer and Antelope Quarter Game Bags are perfect for those backcountry hunts. The heavy duty bags are made from a tightly woven cotton and polyester blend, have a double-stitched bottom, and are stretch form-fitting. These quarter bags are designed to fit whole deer and antelope quarters. If you debone each quarter, you can fit more into each bag. Each 4-pack comes with 4 stretch-fitting quarter bags that are vacuum sealed for sanitation and easy packing. The Heavy Duty Large bags are 10″W x 50″L and are designed for deer and antelope.