How To Keep Meat Cool & Safe During Warmer Months

Just like that Spring is around the corner. And in some woods the temperature can get to the high 60s and even 70s in the coming months. Keeping your game cool is key to preserving the meat and free from bacteria.

If you’re far out in the woods and away from your Koola Buck Cooler unit you should pack up your hunt in game bags during the track. Use the Koola Buck Anti-microbial Game Bags and Spray. However, if you really believe it could be 12+ hours until you can get the animal out, then debone the animal to allow as much body heat as possible to dissipate from the large quarters of meat. Try not to overload the meat bags to allow the heat to come out. Keep the meat off the ground and in the shade and keep spraying it with the Anti-microbial spray periodically to deter flies and other bugs.

Dealing with warm meat in warm conditions is always going to be a tough issue. The best thing you can do is move swiftly to process and preserve using some top-notch game bags before the meat can make it to the freezer. Good Luck!

– Brad Lockwood



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