Meat Processing

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  • Brand: Koola Buck
    • Watch the setup video ►
    • Quickest, cleanest and easiest way to skin your game.
    • Skin the back legs and insert the gambrel. (Included)
    • Lift the animal up and use the powerful winch to Rip the Hide off.
    • Why hand skin when you can rip it with the Hide Ripper!
    • Quickly and easily assembled.
    • Perfect for transportation and use in remote locations.
  • The Meat Tree is a great space saver for any walk-in cooler or it can be used on remote hunts to reduce limited hanging space. It’s perfect for hanging multiple game bags, quarters of meat, game birds, waterfowl and fish. The Meat Tree can utilize the space of 10 standard hooks and help maximize the space in your cooler!

  • Brand: Koola Buck

    Single Meat S Hook

    8 inches long 3/8 inch stainless steel

  • The Bradley Original Smoker makes home smoking easy and convenient. With an automatic wood feeder system and consistent, accurate temperature control, you take guesswork out of attaining the perfect smoke. The automatic wood bisquette feeder system enables clean, continuous smoke for up to eight hours without re-fueling.

    • Stainless steel interior
    • Rack supports keep racks from tipping over when pulled out
    • Heat control moved to smoke generator which will eliminate moisture damage to switch
    • Interior construction polished stainless steel – exterior construction powder epoxy steel
    • Cooking element watts 500
    • Smoking element watts 125 – power 120 V 50 – 60 he, – 5.5 amps (European: 240 V – 50Hz ) etc. & made clear listed
    • Maximum temperature: 250F – minimum temperature: ambient
    • Adjustable Racks: 4 – includes 4 wire Racks (11″ x 13″ x 1″)