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    Contains one 10 X 70 stretch Body Bag for deer and/or antelope. Protect your meat by reducing bacteria 8X more than standard bags. Ensure the safety and quality of the meat you feed your family with Koola Buck Game Bags.

  • Learn advanced smokehouse techniques never before revealed to the home processor. Receive in depth explanations of how surface moisture, relative humidity and water activity affect your products. The knowledge shared in this video will have you processing like a pro!

  • Tired of the high cost of processing and having your animal processed in a dirty processing plant with hundreds of other animals? Do you want to further your game processing knowledge? Take pride in the game you feed your family be processing it yourself. This DVD is a must have for every home processor. Run time 2 hours.

  • Harvesting big game in remote locations is a rewarding and challenging experience. The meat from these magnificent animals is regarded by hunters as the best table fare in the world. This video is a must have for every big game hunter that hunts deer, elk, caribou, or moose in remote locations!

  • Brand: Koola Buck

    Single Meat S Hook

    8 inches long 3/8 inch stainless steel